How to book your first language lesson on italki

In the previous parts (1 & 2), I already talked about why learning languages online with a native teacher could be the most effective approach.

Today, I will share in more details on how to book your first italki lesson.

First, go to . Click “SIGN UP”.


Finish the sign up process using either your email or Facebook account.


After you sign up/login, you will see your dashboard.

Click on “FIND A TEACHER” on the top.


You will see the teacher search page.

Click on the “Language to learn” text field and choose your desired language.


For example, if I choose Japanese, it will display only Japanese teachers on the list (257 people).


Browse through the list. For each teacher, notice these 4 information:

  1. Rating & Number of lessons completed: the more the better.
  2. Lesson price (per hour): this depends on your budget.
  3. Trial price: better to choose a teacher that offers trial lessons.
  4. Availability timetable: make sure the timetable matches your schedule.


Click on the teacher that you like. You will see their profile page. Click on the video to see their introduction.


Scroll down a bit. You will see more important information: number of students, their rating in numbers, description text, etc.


Scroll down further. You’ll see their lesson formats and packages. Here, you should pay attention to:

  • The format: whether you want a formal or informal lesson.
  • The lesson price.
  • Number of completed lessons: the more the better.
  • Package: when you book multiple lessons in advance, there be some discount.


Scroll down more. You will see more details on the completed lessons, response rate and attendance rate.

Moreover, you get to see what students are talking about the teacher. These information are insightful for your decision of whether to choose this teacher.



There are a couple of things to notice here on the schedule:

  1. The time is already in your timezone so you don’t need to convert.
  2. The columns represent date.
  3. The rows represent hours in a day.
  4. Click the arrow button to see the schedule for next week.

A green cell represents an available slot that you can book.

You can scroll down to see more hours (13:00 - 24:00). Make sure the teacher’s schedule matches yours.


Now to book a lesson, click on “SCHEDULE LESSON”.


First, choose the language (because one teacher can teach multiple languages).

Then choose the lesson format.


Then choose the lesson length: it could be 30 or 60 minutes.

Choose whether you want to book for one lesson or multiple at once. There’s a discount for the latter option.

Check the total price. Then click “Checkout and Schedule”.


Next, you will see a confirmation screen. You need to do 3 steps here:

  1. Click “Add date/time”. Choose a time that you and the teacher are both available.
  2. Type in your Skype ID.
  3. Add a message to inform the teacher about your current language level and what your goal is. This is optional though.


Scroll down. Type your password into the “Confirm password”.

Click “Confirm”.


Then there will be an alert saying that you don’t have enough italki credits. It’s a kind of currency on italki


Click “Buy More italki Credits” and then proceed to the payment screen. Here you can use either credit cards or PayPal.


After you make the payment, your appointment will be confirmed. You now only need to wait for your first lesson to start.

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