My interview experience with a US company

A couple of years ago, I was working on a steady job in Vietnam. I worked 7-8 hours a day, then I spent the rest of my time learning new technologies and doing recreational activities.

Everything was good, except that I didn’t feel challenged at work.

I was learning a lot when I first joined the company. I met many interesting people there. They taught me a tremendous amount of software engineering practices that I didn’t think I could ever learn in my life. I am truly grateful for this.

But after few years, I felt stagnant. I didn’t grow anymore. I felt stuck.

Then I started to sit back and reevaluate myself to see what I’d like to do next in my career. I wanted more challenges and more impact in my work.

I started to look outside of Vietnam.

That’s when I see a world of possibilities.

I realised that many big companies were hiring international candidates almost every year, especially companies in the US. I did more research and understood that to be eligible to work in the US, one had to go through a visa lottery system called H1B which was based on sheer luck. It means that even after a person has overcome all the hurdles of interviewing and getting an offer from a US company, he/she still may fail at obtaining a working visa because the winning probability is only about 20-30%.

It was disappointing to know. However, it sounded like an interesting challenge so I thought there would be no harm in trying.

I started to apply to every major companies in the US. I applied to most of the US companies in the LinkedIn job listing too. Every day I applied for 10-20 more companies.

None of them replied.

After 2-3 weeks, I still didn’t hear back from any companies. “Maybe my CV was not good enough? Maybe they just don’t want to hire an international candidate? Or maybe it was because of the way I’m applying?”. I had full of doubts.

One month later, just when I was about to give up, I received an email from a lady. Her email had a domain of And the title said “Greetings from Facebook iOS Mobile Engineering!”.

“Oh my god. Am I dreaming? I can’t believe it”. It was an email from a recruiter from Facebook. I was completely shocked.

While trying to calm myself down, I replied to her asking for more details. She wanted to schedule a Skype interview with me. We agreed on a mutual time.

I was nervous yet super excited.

[To be continued]

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